Commit 1d6adef9 authored by John Spikowski's avatar John Spikowski

New socket debugger

parent b71df320
#ifndef __SDBG_H__
#define __SDBG_H__ 1
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
typedef struct _UserFunction_t {
long cLocalVariables;
char *pszFunctionName;
char **ppszLocalVariables;
long NodeId;
} UserFunction_t, *pUserFunction_t;
typedef struct _DebugNode_t {
char *pszFileName;
long lLineNumber;
long lNodeId;
long lSourceLine;
} DebugNode_t, *pDebugNode_t;
typedef struct _SourceLine_t {
char *line;
long lLineNumber;
char *szFileName;
int BreakPoint;
} SourceLine_t, *pSourceLine_t;
typedef struct _DebugCallStack_t {
long Node;
pUserFunction_t pUF;
pFixSizeMemoryObject LocalVariables;
struct _DebugCallStack_t *up,*down;
} DebugCallStack_t, *pDebugCallStack_t;
typedef struct _DebuggerObject {
pPrepext pEXT;
pExecuteObject pEo;
long cGlobalVariables;
char **ppszGlobalVariables;
long cUserFunctions;
pUserFunction_t pUserFunctions;
long cFileNames;
char **ppszFileNames;
long cNodes;
pDebugNode_t Nodes;
long cSourceLines;
pSourceLine_t SourceLines;
pDebugCallStack_t DbgStack;
pDebugCallStack_t StackTop;
pDebugCallStack_t StackListPointer;
long CallStackDepth;
long Run2CallStack;
long Run2Line;
int bLocalStart;
long FunctionNode;
long lPrevPC,lPC;
SOCKET listen_socket;
SOCKET socket;
char *pszBindIP;
int iPort;
} DebuggerObject, *pDebuggerObject;
int SPrintVariable(pDebuggerObject pDO,
char *pszBuffer,
unsigned long *cbBuffer);
int SPrintVarByName(pDebuggerObject pDO,
pExecuteObject pEo,
char *pszName,
char *pszBuffer,
unsigned long *cbBuffer);
long GetSourceLineNumber(pDebuggerObject pDO,
long PC);
long GetCurrentDebugLine(pDebuggerObject pDO);
#ifdef __cplusplus
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