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REM  FILE: mkzip
REM This file was generated by
REM The program that created this file searched the
REM CVS/Entries files for CV file entries and added the
REM entries to this file to create the source ZIP for
REM ScriptBasic

REM First of all delete the ZIP file if it exists

wzzip -a -ex -P @mkzip.lst
wzzip -a -ex -P -r T:\ScriptBasic\*
wzzip -a -ex -P sbsetup\setup.exe sbsetup\sbcab.bin
wzzip -a -ex -P -r T:\ScriptBasic\doc\*.chm
wzzip -a -ex -P -r T:\ScriptBasic\doc\*.texi
wzzip -a -ex -P -r T:\ScriptBasic\doc\*.pdf
wzzip -a -ex -P -r T:\ScriptBasic\doc\*.html