Commit fcb00fdc authored by Armando I. Rivera's avatar Armando I. Rivera

Added custom makefile.jam to 'odbc' module for iodbc headers

parent af5b8d91
Convert this makefile.jam into makefile.vc7, makefile.bcc and to makefile
using the script configure --module=odbc
{#define MODULE=odbc}
all : {CreLib odbc} {CreDll odbc} {CreTexiDocument}
{#include libraries.jim}
{CreLib odbc} : {CreSObj interface}
{lib} {LibOptOutput {CreLib odbc}} {LibOptInput {CreSObj interface}} {LibNeededLibraryFiles}
{CreDll odbc} : {CreObj interface}
{ld} {LdOptOutput {CreDll odbc}} {LdOptInput {CreObj interface}} {LdNeededLibraryFiles}
{CreObj interface} : interface.c
{cc} {CcOptCompile} {CcOptOutput {CreObj interface}} {CcOptInput interface.c} -I/usr/include/iodbc
{CreSObj interface} : interface.c
{cc} {CcOptDefine STATIC_LINK=1} {CcOptCompile} {CcOptOutput {CreSObj interface}} {CcOptInput interface.c} -I/usr/include/iodbc
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