Commit 8eef15b7 authored by Michael R Sweet's avatar Michael R Sweet

Update to current version of zipc functions.

Drop Xcode docset generation since current versions of Xcode no longer support
it... :/
parent 9942d5d1
# Makefile for Mini-XML, a small XML-like file parsing library.
# Copyright 2003-2017 by Michael R Sweet.
# Copyright 2003-2018 by Michael R Sweet.
# These coded instructions, statements, and computer programs are the
# property of Michael R Sweet and are protected by Federal copyright
......@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ AR = @AR@
CC = @CC@
CP = @CP@
......@@ -361,39 +361,25 @@ testmxml.o: mxml.h
mxml.xml: mxmldoc-static mxml.h $(PUBLIBOBJS:.o=.c) \
doc/ doc/ \
doc/docset.css doc/docset.header \
doc/ doc/ \
echo Generating API documentation...
$(RM) mxml.xml
./mxmldoc-static --header doc/reference.header \
--docversion @VERSION@ --author "Michael R Sweet" \
--copyright "Copyright 2003-2017, All Rights Reserved." \
--copyright "Copyright 2003-2018, All Rights Reserved." \
--title "Mini-XML API Reference" \
mxml.xml mxml.h $(PUBLIBOBJS:.o=.c) >doc/reference.html
./mxmldoc-static --man mxml --title "Mini-XML API" \
--body doc/ --footer doc/ \
mxml.xml >doc/
if test "x`uname`" = xDarwin; then \
./mxmldoc-static --docset org.msweet.mxml.docset \
--docversion @VERSION@ --feedname org.msweet.mxml \
--feedurl \
--header doc/docset.header --body doc/ \
--css doc/docset.css \
mxml.xml || exit 1; \
$(RM) org.msweet.mxml.atom; \
xcrun docsetutil package --output org.msweet.mxml.xar \
--atom org.msweet.mxml.atom \
--download-url \
org.msweet.mxml.docset || exit 1; \
# mxml.epub
mxml.epub: mxml.xml doc/ doc/mxml-cover.png
mxml.epub: mxml.xml mxmldoc-static doc/ doc/mxml-cover.png
echo Generating EPUB API documentation...
./mxmldoc-static --body doc/ \
--coverimage doc/mxml-cover.png \
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -61,19 +61,24 @@ extern zipc_file_t *zipcCreateFile(zipc_t *zc, const char *filename, int compres
extern int zipcCreateFileWithString(zipc_t *zc, const char *filename, const char *contents);
extern const char *zipcError(zipc_t *zc);
extern int zipcFileFinish(zipc_file_t *zf);
extern int zipcFileGets(zipc_file_t *zf, char *line, size_t linesize);
extern int zipcFilePrintf(zipc_file_t *zf, const char *format, ...)
# ifdef __GNUC__
__attribute__ ((__format__ (__printf__, 2, 3)))
# endif /* __GNUC__ */
extern int zipcFilePuts(zipc_file_t *zf, const char *s);
extern ssize_t zipcFileRead(zipc_file_t *zf, void *data, size_t bytes);
extern int zipcFileWrite(zipc_file_t *zf, const void *data, size_t bytes);
extern int zipcFileXMLGets(zipc_file_t *zf, char *fragment, size_t fragsize);
extern int zipcFileXMLPrintf(zipc_file_t *zf, const char *format, ...)
# ifdef __GNUC__
__attribute__ ((__format__ (__printf__, 2, 3)))
# endif /* __GNUC__ */
extern zipc_t *zipcOpen(const char *filename, const char *mode);
extern zipc_file_t *zipcOpenFile(zipc_t *zc, const char *filename);
extern const char *zipcXMLGetAttribute(const char *element, const char *attrname, char *buffer, size_t bufsize);
# ifdef __cplusplus
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