Commit 6d78b143 authored by Michael R Sweet's avatar Michael R Sweet

Add support for @code and @link markup in descriptions.

Support @private@ for constants, variables, and types.
parent a4e81201
......@@ -8,14 +8,3 @@ TODO - 2008-01-25
-- Make this the core implementation which the C API accesses?
-- Class would allow for subclassing, is that necessary?
- Binary XML support???
- mxmldoc
DONE -- --css filename option
DONE -- First paragraph is description
DONE -- Remaining is "Discussion"
DONE -- Add element for write_description().
DONE -- Add write_function() with base heading level, add for methods.
-- --framed filename option (filename-toc.html,
filename-body.html, filename.html)
-- Add link/constant markup a la Doxygen for description text.
--- @code foo@ for <code>foo</code>
--- @link name@ for <a href='#name'>name</a>
This diff is collapsed.
* 'foo_void_function()' - Do foo with bar.
* Use the @link foo_float_function@ or @link foo_int_function@ functions
* instead. Pass @code NULL@ for "three" then there is no string to print.
* @deprecated@
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