Commit abcdb3d1 authored by Michael R Sweet's avatar Michael R Sweet

Final changes for 2.8 release.

parent f760c840
......@@ -2032,6 +2032,8 @@ hspace="10" src="B.gif" width="100"></A>Release Notes</H1>
<LI>Fixed a memory leak in mxmlElementDeleteAttr (Bug #452)</LI>
<LI>Added MXML_MAJOR/MINOR_VERSION definitions to mxml.h (Bug $461)</LI>
<LI>Fixed a bug reading UTF-16 characters from a file (Bug #454)</LI>
<LI>Fixed a memory leak when loading invalid XML (Bug #496)</LI>
<LI>Fixed an XML fragment loading problem (Bug #494)</LI>
<H2><A NAME="7_2">Changes in Mini-XML 2.7</A></H2>
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